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cOmplementary oppOsites

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Cubby and Amanda were a couple with a slight problem: They were both enthusiastic foodies, but their ideas about what makes food great were not exactly in sync.

For Cubby, big and hearty was the way to go. Happiness was a sandwich stuffed with seasoned Italian beef (a Chicago specialty he came to crave while growing up in the Windy City) or maybe a thick, juicy hamburger with an ample side of fries.

Amanda, on the other hand, found herself in a food desert whenever they visited Cubby’s favorite spots. She dreamed of an eatery where Cubby could settle in with his favorites, while she munched on a fresh, tasty salad, loaded with organic, in-season vegetables. The perfect place, one where they could both enjoy delicious, affordable food in an inviting atmosphere, proved impossible to find.

“Eating out at a favorite restaurant should be affordable & never boring”

They did agree that people should be able to go out for a fine dining experience without breaking the bank. Eating out at a favorite restaurant should be affordable and never boring, and everyone should be able to experience high-quality, healthy food. So, instead of compromising and wishing for that magical place to appear, they took matters into their own hands.

In 2012, the first Cubby’s Chicago Beef restaurant opened in Provo, Utah. The innovative menu was a hit, featuring Cubby’s signature Italian beef and a diverse array of ever-changing options, from hand-pattied burgers to crisp, flavorful salads. The winning formula offers a little something for everyone and never sacrifices great taste.

Cubby’s is committed to quality at an affordable price, served in a creative, relaxed atmosphere. As the company expands, each restaurant is unique, inviting friends, families, and coworkers to come in and be inspired. At Cubby’s, there are always new, healthy, and satisfying options for every appetite.

Moral of the story:

WHEN oppOsites attract,
Beautiful thinGs Can happen!

Enjoy your meal!

Quick Takes

(in case you were wondering)

  • Cubby was fired from no less than five restaurants before opening his own place. Turns out he’s not a fan of arbitrary rules, so he started a business that breaks a lot of them.

  • The Cubby’s restaurant concept was first inspired by Italian beef sandwiches, which originated in Chicago in the 1930s. Topped with homemade giardiniera (Italian relish) and secret sauce, they’re basically too good for words. Eat one and see for yourself.

  • What kind of name is Cubby? Well, the quick answer is: It’s short for Jacob. The slightly longer answer is that Cubby is our fearless leader, and his given name was technically Jacob, nickname Cubby. But, he’s never really been anything other than Cubby, and he legally changed his name as an adult, so it’s just Cubby. End of story (more or less).

  • Cubby’s is a family operation. Thanks to big brother and partner Josh, Cubby discovered his passion. Josh always looked out for Cubby and helped him jumpstart the restaurant business, making it possible for Cubby to reach his fullest potential. Now you can bring your friends and family to reap the tasty rewards. Everybody wins!

  • Cubby’s does not accept pennies. Yes, you read that right: no pennies. Pennies are a Cubby’s pet peeve. Please, just don’t go there; it’s a penny-free zone.

Customers Showing Cubby’s the Love

“Foodie paradise! Carnivores will think they’ve found beef heaven. And vegetarians will be pleased with the amazing salads and delectable Mac & Cheese.”
-Brooke S., Fruit Heights, UT

“I got a tri tip sandwich (which was really tasty) and we split a tri tip salad, which was a taste bud explosion, too. The tri tip on the sandwich and salad were different so it was great to have both! I’ll definitely be back.”
-Samuel A., Vancouver, CA

“Their sweet potato fries are the bomb.com. LOL :)”
-Kat E., Imperial Beach, CA

“Cubby’s is one of the best things to ever happen to me, food-wise. The Mr. Beef is an experience. A juicy, delicious experience. I LOVE the tri-tip sandwich. The rosemary fries are the best I’ve ever had. Heck, even the salads are good.”
-Sara P., Provo, UT